05 May

EBS Block is a modular, prefabricated, fully functional portable house created from a 20ft shipping container.

The single storey property (EBS-Ss)  is 6 metres long X 8 metres wide X 3.5 metres high and provides a total liveable area of 50m2 which encompasses the front porch and a pull out bathroom at the back.

The interior is a fully partitioned, reversed air conditioned enclosure which includes a single bedroom, dining area, separate kitchen, spacious living room, workstation/study area and a fully equipped bathroom with laundry facilities. The laundry facilities include a sink, washer/dryer machine and an ironing board drawer.

container home

The EBS block is opened via remote control using the integrated mechanical and electrical systems. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the process of opening and folding up the single storey EBS-Ss. As the house is fully automated, the assembling becomes extremely simple and DIY, without any need for technical support. This reduces the cost of building a house of similar size by up to 80% compared to traditional methods.

EBS is designed to adapt to harsh terrains and weather conditions, providing a spacious and comfortable living area. A major advantage EBS block provides is the reduction of internal building temperature down to 80% in comparison with the outside temperature, thanks to new thermal insulating technologies used in our properties.

The building materials and interior décor can be altered according to customer requirements. The basic structure is mainly bearing steel, aluminium frames, and 10 mm thick glass. Double glazing on the windows is available if requested as an additional feature.

EBS is highly transportable as the entire unit is built inside a standard TEU 20 feet ISO HC shipping container. Due to the nature of EBS Block, it is easily transported globally by sea or land which can eliminate a lot of the hassles with moving to a new location. We classify the EBS Block as a truly portable house. We ensure all aspects of the house comply with international standards and regional regulations.

EBS block is incredibly adaptable for use in a large range of industries including mining, tourism, defence, public housing, health, education and the commercial sector. EBS can be modified to be used as a kiosk, cafe or restaurant. The possibilities are limitless.

EBS block modules can be standalone units, connected as commercial blocks or stackable up to 4 storeys high.

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The Expandable Building System Block are divided into three models


Using more premium fit out and material, this model has double glazing walls, room partition, curtains and blinds, more lighting and powerpoints as well as being WiFi ready, home entertainment connections and Kitchen and Bathroom appliances including dishwasher, microwave and washing machine. This model is for those wishing to move their furniture in and start living in the house straight away.


Our standard model has all the essentials needed for the house.  Lighting  and powerpoint, Water, Kitchen without appliances and Bathroom with shower, basin, toilet and laundry tub. This model is for you if you wish to add your own touches to the house, installing your own appliances and room layout.


This is just a skeleton structure of the house.  The structure still has full weather insulation like the other two models.  The basic model is ideal for those who wish to customise the house to their liking.  Cafe, restaurant, offices, classroom will all use the basic model and modified to your request.  If you wish to install your own bathroom, kitchen and partition your own rooms this is also the model for you.


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