18 Feb

As it comes to container house, most people feel hesitant to live in because of three reasons. the first, this type of house is still new, especially to those who are ‘stagnated” in the approach to the new lifestyle. The second, people lack of information on safety techniques as well as prices of the container houses. Thirdly, the hassles of the inconvenience in use.

Perhaps it’s time for people to learn to live and use their currencies to residence requirement smarter. So far, container houses have been mostly used in construction sites for the purpose of making temporary housing for workers, temporary administrative offices and warehouse.
In technical aspect, structure of containers is load-bearing frame, which is much similar to the textured concrete-framed houses. It’s even better and safer for the height, weight, bearing texture and the “foundations” surface have high safety coefficent. The work-up and renovate an original container (sealed walls, 1 door) into a residential architecture with enough power to use, aesthetics and comfort is the easiest thing.

Thanks to the isolation systems and noise-proof, the matters of heat, noise, and humidity in a “metal box” are easily solved. The point is that if you really need the advice of the architects and you really love to live in this house or not.
The area problem of a container house can also be easily solved by raising the ceiling, opening walls or connecting the containers. However, with a container of 40 feet, you could have a housing area of 30 m2.
With outstanding features, a strong steel container home with load-bearing structure has the ability to adapt to harsh weather and terrain, along rivers, lakes and hills. Containers are assembled in the factory and then transported to and settled the place you want, so building time is not the matter.

Not being rigid as brick houses, the basic structure of container houses is arranged “lego”. It’s overlapping of countless architecturally impressive break styles , such as home with balconies or home with the 2nd floor reaching out, hanging over in the space of 5m , L-shaped House, unparralel home …

Container house is a Green idea in building, which is quite friendly to the environment. Therefore, we need to change the mindset to be able to immerse ourselves in nature, enjoy life in our own styles.

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