Eye- Catching Container House

13 Feb

This is a 20 feet shipping container capable of containing a volume of 30 tons of cargo. At the first glance, there is nothing special with it.

However, with people’s creation, it became a small but fully furnished house with luxurious furniture (EBS block TM)

A perfect example in this case is the house you will see below.
It was built from two modified containers with single storey living space.
The house with the modern green structure has friendly furniture and provides a comfortable space.

Two of the containers were used have a total area of 37 m2.
The simple and environmentally friendly design is very suitable for a young family as it meets all demands with a limited budget.

Entrance to the home goes through a sliding glass door between the two blue steel containers. Even more, there is a space of wooden patio in the front here. The interior is more open than expected. The function places are partitioned very reasonably.

Inside of the two boxes is a comfortable living space which is open to the nature.

A modified container house has minimal life expectancy of 50 years. It is easily disassembled and assembled when moving from one place to another. According to design engineers evaluation, container houses are safer than conventional ones for the solid steel structure that can withstand the shocks of earthquakes, and adapt to the harsh weather and terrain. Container houses also save construction time and cost .

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