Building An Extremely Beautiful “Container Village”, why not?

17 Jan

Housing shortage in general or particularly the lack of “student village” is a reality that many countries are facing. However, with the unlimited creation of man, there appears many housing models in the world that not only meet the economical criteria but ensure comfortable living space. Among them, container housing solution seems to be the most effective.

A convenient but low – cost apartment stimulated the creation of Joerg Duske, an investor in Germany. He has turned 410 containers into affordable apartments , mainly used as accomodation for students who flock to Berlin.
Mr. Joerg Duske’s House Model is called Eba51, on an area of 11,000 m2, created on the inspiration from the world largest project “container city” with 1000 apartments in Keetwinen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Joerg Duske opened up a design competition. The Award-winning design belonged to the architectural company Holzer Kobler, based in Zurich. The apartment was designed with living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, their design also includes 2 – 3 storey apartment for many people to live together; the common living area is an outdoor dining place, table tennis, laundry room and meeting place.

The first purpose of Joerg Duske is to build a small, beautiful container village with new architectural design. The project is under construction, its venue is Planterwald, in the outskirts of Berlin, right next to a bus stop, near the train station (about 10-minute walk), and universities around.
As planned, The openning of Eba51 was on September 2013, and is going to be finished on April , 2014

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