New life in Container Homes

10 Jan

Manufactured homes from the bulky containers are being present in our life and becoming a building trend which are favored in the world by outstanding features such as short execution time, cost saving, safety, various designs, and being friendly to the environment.

Container houses have become popular around the world since 2000 ,as the Urban Space Management company completed the project “container city I”. However, up to 2006, the construction company TempoHousing finished the project “container student village”, the largest project in the world with 1000 apartments called the Keetwonen in Amstesdam (the Netherlands) which made a breakthrough in the field of Container homes construction.

We can build container homes in the Plains or hills, rural or urban . People only need 15-20 execution days and spend a little amount of money (about 1/3 of the cost to build a conventional brick mortar house) to own a fully equipped Container home with one ground floor, one floor and the minimal interior section consists of a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, refrigerator, dining room, bathroom, toilet, desk, wall mounted TV, water heater. And another outstanding advantage of container homes is that you can move the entire House to any where without losing much time or cost.

Around the world, the container homes are applied in developed countries such as Project All Terrain Cabin of Bark Design Collective company (Canada), the project of Cove Park artist’s Retreat (Scotland), or Port-a-project Bach (New Zealand) etc. This shows that the world construction industry has found a “green” solution to help protect the environment and tackle housing problem for low income people. Based on the idea of building home with containers, architectural designers have constantly created a variety of designs, and automatic features to serve human interests. EBS block is typical for a great creativity of Vietnamese mechanical engineers and architects .
Container home trend is in vogue now. With containers, you’re enable to create houses with your own style and purpose. Utilizing used contaner – cleaning and beautifying the environment, saving materials, and enriching the country are always encouraged in all countries.

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