Have A Look At The Luxurious Mobile Homes Of Hollywood Stars

31 Dec

Life is developed every day, not only do people like to eat delicious foods, dress beautifully but also want to live in nicely luxurious apartments.
Together with huge villas, Hollywood stars also love to live in mobile homes. They are fully-furnished prefabricated house, able to be moved from one place to another and meet all users’ needs as they are far away from home or on vacation.

Let’s contemplate some extremely unique mobile homes, prefabricated homes of Hollywood stars in the world:
1. Mobile home of Will Smith
Will Smith lived in this House while attending the movie Men in Black 3.
There are 14 televisions in the House and a 100-inch TV. On the second floor, there is a movie room accommodating up to 30 people.
Smith’s Supercar is silver and quite bulky

The Splendid Furniture inside is not inferior to any of other expensive apartments.

This is the place where Smith can both enjoy coffee taste and read book after tiring working time.

2. Mobile home of Ashton Kutcher
Not inferior to any of other Hollywood stars, the handsome actor Ashton Kutcher bought himself a 2-storey mobile home.
The House has a total area of more than 100 m2 and is designed in two floors. In particular, the upstairs is 31 m2 wide and downstairs is 69 m2 wide. The mobile home includes 1 living room, 2 bathrooms, 1 convenient kitchen, 1 Conference room and many bedrooms.

3. Vin diesel
The Interior Design is quite simple with some classic signs. Vin Diesel’s super Car is well equipped with 3D flat-screen TVs, creating modern and attractive look to the House.
Seen from afar, the supercar is like a miniature House

The window system creates clear views for the rooms

4. Simon Cowell
American actor Matthew McConaughey has a collection of super cars. One of his 3 cars is named Heartthrob’s Aistream. This super car Interior was refurbished according to his favorite. The car includes 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms and many bedrooms.

Heartthrob’s Aistream, one of the three mobile homes of Matthew McConaughey

The interior is pretty simple and was refurbished according to Mathew’s favorite.

The kitchen is small but extremely modern.

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