Modern Prefab Homes In The World

30 Dec

Prefabricated houses are increasingly preferred and used in many countries around the world. This home pattern is especially popular in North America and Europe due to its affordable price, and the peoples’ love of freedom.
In the past, as mentioning about prefabricated houses, people used to think of easily assembled and transported – mobile homes that are made of disconnected containers on a module form.
Today, as science and technology have been developed, prefabricated houses are designed beautifully, with wide open spaces, and all modern conveniences. The comfort, saving, along with the modern in architecture, and attractive furniture of this type of house can satisfy the most demanding users .
Here are pictures of interesting modern prefab homes in the world:
-Model of mobile home (Walking house) made by Danish artist group N55 in Copenhagen and engineers of the Masschusetts technology Institute (USA).
Walking house looks like a beetle, with the height of 3.5 m and the length of 72 m,

Walking house is moving to the field itself with the speed of 60 m/h

The small but comfortable living room

And this is the mobile home of Entertainment Media Company EverGreen in Middlebury- Element. It is a vehicle with aerodynamic design .The car top is tapering, the legs look like a grass-raking trolleys.

Inside, Element looks like a gallery of the astronauts in Star Trek

The amoured motorhome of the American President – Barack Obama

Finally , these are beautiful and eye-catching container homes in the world
Crossbox House, by Pont-Péan, France, 2009

Adriance House by Adam Kalkin, USA, 2012

The fast development in architecture as well as in science and technology have improved the features, appearance, and pattern of prefabricated houses, making them gradually become the top choice of modern people who love freedom and enjoy travelling.

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