Why Prefab Homes Wouldn’t Be Obsolete

27 Dec

People used to consider container homes as a form of untidy and temporary prefab houses, built for poor households. That thinking is changing now. Today, as it comes to container houses, all that come to our minds are the extremely trendy unique homes, satisfying the tastes of the majority of all strata, from casual workers to the most demanding bosses, thanks to many advantages.

Firstly, environmentally friendly. Container houses are manufactured from sturdy steel containers – The material that can be recycled, creating less waste to the environment. The homes are very strong thanks to emerging corrugations on the container surface, able to survive in harsh terrains and climate. Also, the furniture is made of environmentally-friendly materials such as wood or bamboo.
Secondly, short construction time. The containers are previously made at the factory, then put into docking, and assembled an additional insulation layer. Doors are opened on users’ request, helping shorten the construction time (the time to build a container home is of 10% of that to build a conventional one). These advantages help investors avoid interrupting their business as they want to expand their investment or project
Thirdly, unique architectural style. The architecture is modern and coherent, with dense and empty array, complicated and simple creation, making the outward harmonious and attractive. In addition, after the homes are standardized on module and interior design, users can ask the producer to decorate the house exclusively according to their interests provided the framework allows.

Finally, low price. Container houses are always the focus of many people for the low price. A container home with living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom, (even reading room) has much lower price than a house using other materials. (Reduce by 70% of the foundation building cost). Used container homes may also be sold back to the supply unit, and the selling price is not less than 50% of the value of the new ones. Container houses allow you to transport from one place to another easily.

Container homes now have been being more and more popular across the world for their outstanding advantages.

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