The “Three- Speed” Development Trend of Housing Market in the World

25 Dec

The world real estate markets are witnessing three different development trends-the “three speed”
Firstly, the real estate market is strongly developing in fast-growing and emerging economies. In 2012, Hong Kong was the nation where housing prices rose the fastest (24.5%). The real estate market in developing countries had significant growth. The leading country was Brazil, whose real estate price rose to 12.8%, the number in South Africa is 11.1%, in India’s 10.7%, and in China’s 3.3%.

Secondly, America’s housing market is going to maintain a higher recovery rate. The US property market is recovering. House prices have increased by 9.3% in the past one year on a solid foundation.
Finally, negative influences are spreading across most of the real estate markets in Europe (except for Germany). After falling to 7.7 percent within a year, Spain’s real estate market will continue to decrease. Home prices are decreasing faster in the Netherlands (-7%) and start showing signs of slowing down in France (-1.7%). British House prices stagnated last year, with the increasing rate of less than 1%. Germany is the only European country to maintain steady property prices (+ 3.4%).

To face with the complicated changes in housing market, many investors as well as people around the world begin buying Houses with more secure form and affordable price. A type of home that is favored in this situation is prefabricated house ,made from containers (Container house). The container houses are fully installed utility devices inside, with bathroom, bedroom, WC, living room, kitchen etc. They are all designed and decorated according to the users’ requirements. For being made from cargo containers, they are very durable and strong, which can adapt to harsh weather and terrains. Container houses are also transported from one place to another easily and quickly, so they are used as the form of mobile home.
Have you ever lived in such a container house? Why don’t you once own this beautiful and convenient container house for new and wonderful feeling?

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