World tourism and the prediction of “Hot” destinations in the future

21 Dec

People’s demand of travelling around and exploring the world is endless. One can easily restrict his or her expense of shopping but cannot limit the chances to rest and relax after a long working time.
Due to the impact of the global economic downturn in recent years, wages have been fallen; prices escalate, together with disasters, disease etc. The world tourism industry has not had many flourishes. However, it still had more significant improvements in comparison with other economic sectors, contributing 9% to global GDP, according to the most recent statistics. The number of international travelers at airports and border points increased by 5.3% between January and August this year.

According to the UNWTO forecast “tourism vision 2020 “, the world tourism will continuously increase and the number of tourists will reach to 1.6 billion by 2020. In 2030, that number will increase to 1.8 billion.
Ian Yeoman, a professor and futurist of the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand has identified and given 5 world tourism trends in 2030.
China is going to be the top tourist destination in the world. In 2030, Asia will make up 28.8% of the world tourism market share, in which, China is going to be the top destination of Asia and the whole world. This prediction is entirely reasonable as Michèle Laliberté-an Expert of Analysis of Canada tourism considers the speed of Chinese transportation systems development as that of a rocket , which will certainly open up many advantages for the tourism industry in this country in the future.
Macau, the gambling capital of the world. In the coming years, tourists from Chinese mainland are going to flock to Macau. The Casino’s revenue there will surpass Las Vegas (the present gambling capital of the world in America) by 2030.

According to Professor Ian Yeoman, Macau’s growth comes from the joy of Luck of Chinese. Almost Chinese people have to go to Macau because Chinese authorities still maintain the ban on gambling in the mainland.
Albania, an emerging tourist destination. As predicted, about 41.1 percent of travelers choose Europe as their destination, especially Eastern Europe. In which, Albania and the Adriatic Sea are going to become the convergence of visitors to Europe. This is inevitable as Albania has the lowest cost of living in Europe, sunny climate, and many gorgeous types of scenery which is not inferior to any of the European countries. Up to 2030, Albania is going to enter the rank of the countries with the most developed tourism industry.
In conclusion, despite the difficult world economic situation, tourism industry still has its own direction, gradually developed and contributed a significant part to the world economy.

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