Australia’s housing price becoming unexpectedly high and new solutions for the poor to buy home

20 Dec

Australia is on the list of the countries with the highest housing prices, though it has been known as the seventh largest country in the world.
The Australian housing market is rising uncontrollably, especially in large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

According to Statistics from the Australian real estate Head Office of the first quarter in 2013, the price of a medium house in Sydney is 673.700 AUD, in Melbourne’s 545.000 AUD, in Brisbane’s 430.000 AUD, in Canberra’s 482.000 AUD, and in Perth’s 505.000 AUD. More people are choosing to buy houses on the outskirts of the cities to reduce costs. A three-bedroom house on the outskirts of Melbourne also has a price range of 300.000 AUD.

Why is the housing price housing price getting so high here in such a large country? One of the main reasons is that the State Government has less investment of public land to build more homes for the residents. More than 80% of Australians live in coastal cities but there’s not much land to build houses there. People just love to flock to places where they can easily find a job, close to office buildings and their friends. That makes housing prices in Sydney become more expensive. Furthermore, Contractors are building fewer homes for the interest got from selling homes is not as high as before.

Those who can afford to buy homes in the big cities are rich businessmen outside and inside the country, they invest in real estate and wait for a good chance to sell out. Meanwhile, to many ordinary citizens, even those who have a stable job for many years, owning a private house is becoming a dream.
Falling into the situations of having no home while housing prices are so expensive. Many households with low and middle income have opted to buy container homes, mobile homes at cheaper prices to live. The advantages of this kind of house can completely persuade low- and -middle income people. Container homes have short construction time (as half of the time building a conventional mortar- tile home), and help reduce 70% of the foundation building cost. People only pay around 20,000-40,000 AUD to own a container house which is fully equipped and easily to be transported to any places they want.

Australia’s housing market is rising uncontrollably, so finding housing solutions that are both convenient and the least expensive for low-income people is very necessary. And using container homes, mobile home is an optimal solution for this situation.

Source : globalpropertyguide

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