Japanese Home Building Architecture – Some Things to Know

11 Dec

As it comes to Japanese home building architecture, people often think of the houses built of wood with extremely unique architecture style. It is because Japan is a rich country of wood. Furthermore, the weather there is particularly rainy and humid, so wooden houses should be quite airy.

Also, Japanese people have a great love of nature, thus the building architecture doesn’t separate the interior from exterior space, and the garden and house are designed very harmoniously.
Japanese building architecture is also unique in construction style:
The very first thing to be noted in Japanese architecture is Feng Shui. Japanese people are very careful in choosing land, as doing so, they especially care about water: water from the East should flow to the home and then flow towards the West.For natural disasters often occur, most of the homes have the foundations dug deep to reduce shock. Columns are made of wood, and erected on a flat ground, or on the tile ground. Wooden houses are almost at everywhere across Japan.
The characteristics commonly found in Japanese architecture buildings are a huge roof and a deep porch to protect the house, and avoid hot summer sunlight and rain. The roof is made slope down for rainwater to drain away easily.
Frame doors are usually made of wood, and the wood weight is supported by horizontal beams and cross lines.
To avoid moisture from the ground, the floor is elevated a few dozen centimeters. From the kitchen to hallway, the whole home is built with the same architecture style.

The living room space is wide and airy, and the floor is covered with a carpet called tatami, people don’t use chairs but sit directly on the tatami or on a flat cushion called zabuton.
The Japanese interior home decor style is based on the criterion of “as little as possible”, the neat and spacious are the utmost element in a house, the color and style of furniture are in harmonious combination, but very sophisticated.
Japanese home architecture has been developing over the years by the combination of traditional form with modern technologies, to improve the resistance of fire and natural disasters ,as well as providing convenience for the living.

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