Smart Mobile Home-Home of the modern

06 Dec

Have you ever heard of smart homes in the world? And do you ever think that you will own one someday?
To create a safe, pleasant and energy-saving living environment, a system of Smart homes was manufactured. In the House, the system of household electronic equipments are combined together into a network of devices, and operated under a designated process. The owners can observe, control the House as well as the devices inside via mobile phone, tablet, laptop at anywhere and any time.

The Smart Homes are installed security Camera systems with motion sensors . As there is an unauthorized intrusion, the warning system will alert you, even when you’re at work or on vacation,
Smart homes help the users operate their houses the simplest way by allowing them to manage and control the devices easily through the control system.
Energy saving :
All the devices are controlled automatically, For example, the lights can automatically turn off when there’s no one in the room; The temperature system is set up to enable the automatic increase or decrease according to the outside temperature, the water used for trees is enough for each time watering.

EBS block (Expandable Building System block) is a smart mobile home that is manufactured from steeled containers. The home is installed mechanical parts inside allowing it to be closed or expanded with only a few simple steps of operation, so it is very easy to be transported from one place to another.

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