04 Dec

In recent years, the real estate prices and need of housing have been rising sharply, making the lack of housing for workers increase to an alarming level.
Facing with the situation, in order to cut down the cost, many owners of construction sites, factories, and even households have chosen to live in “ mobile home” made from old containers. They only need to rent a range of land to “put” the house. Whenever they want to move, the only thing to do is craning the container, putting it in a car and drive to another place.

In Vietnam, This type of “Mobile home” is springing up in Hanoi Capital, especially in the building construction sites.
The old containers could be used, including the large types, about 12 meters in length, and small types, about 6 meters. People live in these manufactured homes like in the conventional ones. The large container can have sufficient space for nearly 20 workers, and there are 5-6 people in the small one.
However, there exists a big problem living in this type of “ mobile home”. In the winter, It seems to be quite good, but as summer comes, for containers can absorb heat, it makes the temperature in the house is quite high, causing many difficulties for the living. The workers living in these houses said that they had to water the home, wait until it cooled down and then entered it. Many households also use thick sheets, paintings or leaves to cover the roof or press them on the walls to reduce the heat.

Not denying that this type of mobile container home is convenient and helps save costs for people and businesses, but the image of old containers with patches, thatch layers or leaves on the walls and roofs are contributing to destroy the beautiful image of the Capital.

Today, with the improvement of technology, modern mobile homes made from containers have appeared with many nice designs and good features, creating a pleasant atmosphere and comfort in living for the users.

To meet almost the requirements of users, a new intelligent mobile named EBS block was made and has won many people’s hearts. EBS block can be folded up or expanded quickly and easily with only a few simple steps of operation using remote control. The utmost advantage which EBS block provides is the reduction of internal building temperature down to 80% in comparison with the outside temperature, thanks to the new thermal insulating technologies. In addition, High-grade furniture and luxurious bathroom, kitchen, provide users with a pleasant atmosphere. EBS block promises to be a partner of enterprises and construction sites everywhere.

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