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In Vietnam, when it comes to manufactured home models, we often think of the rough prefab concrete houses in Hanoi from the years of 60s-70s due to the housing needs of the immigrants.These houses have a docking module format, so there’s no variety in style and design. The image of manufactured homes made from the overlapped cubic concrete modules physically gets the city architecture to wear a rigid and boring face.

Architecture is mobilizing based on social progress and technology. An architectural style thought to be backward as prefab is now widely applied back around the world thanks to the advances in science and technology, design and materials.
One of the modern prefab home products with lots of improvements that meets the needs of housing today is EBS block (Expandable Building System block). EBS block is made of steel containers; it can be folded up or expanded quickly and easily with only a few simple steps of operation using remote control. The utmost advantage which EBS block provides is the reduction of internal building temperature down to 80% in comparison with the outside temperature, thanks to the new thermal insulating technologies. High-grade furniture inside and luxurious bathroom, kitchen, provide users with a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, EBS block is produced with various and attractive designs, meeting almost people’s tastes.

Consequently, the improvements in science and technology have brought prefab home models back to today society. And EBS block– an improved kind of modern prefab home- not only provides the comfort and convenience for the users but also beautifies the areas where it resides.

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