Mobile home – EBS block- Solution of Home

20 Aug

Prefabricated, portable buildings are now becoming very popular in most parts of the world, They are often converted from used shipping containers. So, inevitably there exists some drawbacks, such as temperature, area, transportation, as well as the elegance of the houses.
To overcome the problems, we have created EBS block (expandable building system block) – an absolute housing solution providing maximum space, comfort, and coolness.

Why is the EBS block?
EBS Block gives you a larger space, with an area of 45m2 for single storey house, 86sqm for double storey respectively, and the most importantly, EBS block can be easily moved from one place to another
So how we are going to do it? As using EBS block, your home is folded up or expanded easily with only a few simple steps of operation, and your job is whipping it off to wherever you want.
What about the furniture and temperature ?
EBS block is applied insulation coating technology in , helping it reduce 70% in comparison with the outside temperature
EBS block perfectly suits harsh terrains for the sound foundation and structure. Additionally, It is furnished with high-grade and well-known furniture.
Water and electric system are arranged to ensure the requirements about aesthetics, safety, and comfort.
EBS block is introduced extensively over countries around the world such as Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada etc. to serve markets in tourism industry, mining and agriculture.
We also realize the potential of Japanese market, for the superiority of the product will nullify natural disaster consequences.
EBS block is also widely used in industry and commerce.

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