Mobile home

05 Aug

Have you heard about mobile home and all its advantages ? Now, let’s take some minutes to have a closer look at this type of innovative home. You may find a housing solution for your own.


What is mobile home? Mobile home is literally a house that can be moved from one place to another. Some are made from used containers, and applied mechanical innovations so that they can be folded up or expanded as you wish.

Mobile home is a combination of prefabricated houses and shipping containers, which is very convenient and complies with the international transport standards as well.

What are advantages of mobile homes ?

The first advantage is that a mobile home can be moved easily from one place to another according to your wishes,which can never be found in a conventional one.

 Secondly, construction time of this type of house is short, for the main tasks of builders are emplacing containers and decorating up the house.

Thirdly, A house built from containers saves about half of the cost compared to a conventional one with the same usage area and space.


Fourthly, it is convenient and eco-friendly.

Container homes are fully equipped with modern equipments to best suit the house mobile feature. Also, installation of high-grade furniture and luxurious spaces will definitely satisfy any owners.

There will exist concerns that living in a container house is like in a metal box, it will be very hot in summer, but very cold in winter. Understanding that, new thermal insulating technologies are applied in the homes to reduce  80% home temperature in comparison with the outside 

Today, container homes are also applied widely in the fields of commercial and industrial for its outstanding features.




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