Vietnamese spa- Finding a new direction

09 Jul

In Malaysia, nearly 1000 representatives from 20 countries, including Ms. Truong Thi Ngoc Anh- Chairman of the board, CEO of Vietnam Training & Development Spa Stock Corporation attended the global women meeting.

Female entrepreneur Truong Thi Ngoc Anh shared: “My greatest desire is to exchange with foreign firms for seeking stable income jobs in the global spa industry for Vietnamese women in difficult circumstances. In present, average income of Vietnamese women is 200$/month, while the average income of Malaysian cheap labor is 500$/month. Moreover, Malaysia is not far from Vietnam (only about 1hour and 55 minutes’ flight to arrive). Malaysian tourism revenue in 2012 is 24 million turns of passenger; this is a dream figure of Vietnamese tourism.

She added, she has just had a meeting with Japanese Association of Business to find investment opportunities in Vietnam. Japanese companies wish to cooperate with Ngoc Anh Spa to help Vietnamese women work in Spa industry in Japan. Prerequisites are the young women know Japanese and they have to learn massage professionally. They could earn about 2.000 USD/ month.

Ms. Nga recognized Massage & Spa Company of Ngoc Nga Spa has been founded and developed for 17 years; it has created thousands of jobs for young people with average income from 500 to 1.000 USD / month. In the context of the global crisis, although this company has many difficulties, it still remains stable job for entire staff and can develop dramatically in future.

However, at the present, unreasonable tax policy is still the big problem with Spa industry. In developed countries, the spa industry is taxed only 0.8 % but in Vietnam, spa companies must be suffered 30% excise tax, 10% VAT (value-added tax). In particular, spa is a sensitive business; it is strictly controlled so it couldn’t promote the development of tourism industry.

And in the current economic situation, spa industry is confronted with significant challenges.  Spa still omits some pretty big customers are ordinary men and low-income people. The biggest difficulty is the way to approach these customers. Spa still presents popularly in city centers, but in rural areas still lack spa salons, incomplete infrastructure is a big problem, so is that a good solution? With a mobile home, its quick assembling time and lower cost will solve all issues.

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