Container resort paradise

05 Jun

People work hard to build their own houses, but it is not easy to do and requires a lot of efforts, even some people could not do it until the end of life due to various reasons. If we have a piece of land in a city, we have to worry about the terrain, law, property values…but with a wide residence area, not used frequently and have a main purpose is to enjoy why don’t we choose a container house? Extremely flexible with all requirements of users, if you think it is ugly, small or difficult to use, you misunderstand!

Most of people are still cautious with the container house because this concept is new and unfamiliar in our lifestyle. Moreover, there is very little information about its techniques and usage so people are afraid. Finally, people also worry about disadvantages in using and the worst thing is they think it is very ugly because Vietnamese love appearance more than inside characters.

It’s time for people change their point of view about the container house. In developed countries, container houses are used widely and much more luxurious than we think. They think simply they needn’t to pour amount of money to build a 5 floors villa in the suburb. With a half cost of a normal brick building and saving two times in building time, container houses are suitable for low-income people and those who move frequently. With this type of house, have you ever thought that you will create a resort paradise by yourself? Or whether tourism companies and businesses have ideas to form a resort from containers? If they have, it must be a breakthrough.

In the past time, containers appear in construction are ugly, dirty… along with the concept of things to hold goods rather than to live, it makes people worry about monotonous form, hot and cramped feeling. This seems to be the reason for the denial of the user but it is the fault of users in using and architects have forgotten the architectural drawings of container houses. In terms of technique, engineers and designers knew how simple and safe to build a container resort.

In terms of technique, a container is nearly the most perfect bearing structure, not to be different from concrete structural frames, even better and more secure because the height, weight, structural strength and surface tension of foundation also have high safety coefficient. The operation and renovation of an original container (sealed wall, 1 door) to become a house with aesthetics and convenience is the easiest thing, only in the range of machining and installation. From a raw “iron box”, but with the abundance of the heat-insulating, waterproof, noise-proof materials, wall, aluminum and glass as present, the technique to coat decorative materials into the surface of container to solve the hot, humid and dirty problems is very simple. What users need to do is ask the architects explain or not.

About cramped feeling due to 2,8m height and 2,5m width of the container, if you know an apartment or a “pipe” house also have the same size, you will see your living space in the container house is very vast and you do not “beat your face” into the wall. Moreover, you can lift the ceiling, enlarge the wall or connect to another container easily if you want. But do you think it is necessary when a 40ft container gives an area of 30m2 for you? (See the following datasheet of container size)

In terms of aesthetics, we don’t think container house structures extremely better or worse than a suburban villa, this task belongs to the architect. Frankly, the stagnant aesthetics and belonging the old style with big houses follow the mind of architects harder than that in the people. That is the reason why although there are a few container houses in Vietnam, they are not attractive enough and still look like “iron boxes” more than a house, so how to attract investors and make them forget the normal house?

While the value in living at suburbs, or living near seas and lakes is “opened” spirit and time with nature. Why don’t we the color of interior and exterior, equipment, style of materials more liberal? Why do we still seal ourselves with rigid lifestyle in crowded streets? With overlapped “Lego” structures, the container house let us create numerous impressive architectural structures. For example, the simplest type is the house with separate bacons or the second floor hung on the 5m space, the L-shaped house, the unequal house… it requires a project if we use concrete. Just looking some illustrations of container house pictures, do you think you want still to live in a brick house? Or you will image that you are relax in a luxurious resort?

Also, to tell about economic problems in resort business purposes, why don’t the authorities give a chance for the middle class investors to access the unitary cheap, impressive motels which easily changed or even upgraded to suit to the views of customers? Or if you want to build a warehouse, bar, accommodation to expand the utilities space in your resort without stopping business or affecting customers, you can only buy a container and install it in one day.

From all above advantages, the container house has low cost, simple construction techniques, flexible and economic demands, it also helps to take advantage of using materials, reduce deforestation, boasting and ore down, and create new jobs… Needn’t to mention creativity in the aesthetics and enjoyment, there are too many samples of house, copy and use some of them is normal. So the simple thing to do here is change your mind!


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6 responses to “Container resort paradise

  1. barbarastanley

    June 19, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    I can see the potential in these box houses.

  2. Raxa Collective

    December 10, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Interesting ideas–we’ve written about “pop up restaurants” in containers, but not container homes.
    If you’re on facebook we invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page as well. See you there!


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