A container villa in the heart of Sai Gon

05 Jun

A container villa assembled with 28 iron container is located in block 5, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC. At the first glance the rendering, no one can image that is My Thanh villa.

The unique villa in Sai Gon

Placed near Sai Gon River, the emergence of the villa directing toward the river is containers with the intended cut-spaces. But at first you will thing they just a pile of stacked containers into 2 floors because at the sides of containers have loges of a shipping company.

It is more surprised when we enter inside. Though this is a villa construction, there is no brick; it has just a little sand and cement. The rest is a few remnants of fine scrap and the welding electrodes are no longer used… After a month of construction, the project is in its final stage and it has a clear mansion shape with a beautiful cone shape.

Mr. Nguyen Cuu Long, Director of Enterprise 2 belonging to the Descon Utility Company( which designed and built My Thanh Villa), said proudly: “Containers have been used for offices in construction sites due to easy transportation, installation, and removing but it may be the first time we use container to build a mansion.”

According to Mr. Long, My Thanh villa with 500m2 usable area assembled from 28 containers without brick, steel, concrete floor. He added: “In Vietnam, there are more and more redundant containers because we have a lot of containers for import goods while the number of containers for export good is small. In long time, they can become industrial waste, removing will be very costly. Meanwhile, a container only costs less than 20 million VND, if we know how to use it effectively, it will create useful works”

One shortened strike

Mr. Long said that the birth of My Thanh villa is predestination because from the beginning the host asked us to design a normal mansion. But through the offices and temporary restaurants construction at suspended planning areas or city, the owner agreed immediately with the container house villa plan because of its original idea.

The owner of this villa, Mr. Van Cong My told about his decision: “After referring carefully mansions in many and having 4 villa designs but I was not still convinced. By normal building, I just have a villa made from brick, cement and paint… With normal houses and constructions, no matter how much money you pour out for the frame, nobody can understand its value; but with this project, I’m sure that everyone can recognize this unique kind”.

Through visiting to container offices, Mr. My was convinced and accepted the plan using container to build his villa. Mr. My said confidently: “I believe in structure, the bearing capacity of containers because they are specialized, they can contain tens of tons of stacked cargo, ensure decades of using outdoor to be affected by the sea water and we don’t worry about using time”.

He compared:” A normal villa takes 7-8 months to finish but a with a container villa it just takes around three months only. Also, building a villa near a river with a weak sub foundation will be more expensive if we do it normally. With containers, it costs only less than 30 million to build bearings (6 bearings for a container) and we can save more than 200 million. Overall, the cost of the frame will save 30%.

The solution for suspended projects

Mr. Long added another advantage of the container house is easy installation and removing. A person has a piece of land for rent, another want to rent this land to open a coffee shop, a clothing store… Both of them will be difficult “to meet” each other because the project owner doesn’t want to waste hundreds of million to build a store just to use for a while and then return it for the landholder.

Yet, if the renter uses a shop made of the container, it’s absolutely possible to carry the container house, place it on a piece of land and after using several years, he can move it to another place easily when the landowner retain that land.


This advantage is being used in many constructions. Mr. Long said: “Today, there are a lot of empty lands in Hochiminh city located in convenient places suitable for business and trade if we use offices or shops made of containers. Especially, in planning, releasing areas where building is controlled, using containers as “building materials” is more convenient due to its easy installation and removing. Typically, in Thanh Da (Binh Thanh District, HCMC) has been suspended for many years but Mr. Van Cong My has a plan to build a container restaurant in this area. He said he convinced the local authority that when they release this area, he just has a mobile crane move the restaurant without being worry about releasing or compensation.


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