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In recent years, merging with the country’s development, Vietnamese tourism has had certain progress and achieved encouraging initial results. There are more and more travellers come here from various countries around the world. The types of tourism and recreation activities that visitors choose are very rich and this smokeless industry has brought significant revenues for local budget.

For years, Vietnamese tourism industry has faced unprecedented challenges: the financial crisis led to economic recession happening on over the world; the risk of war and terrorism in some regions caused instability and psychological concerns; the socio-economic difficulties; financial and monetary market fluctuations; diseases spread quickly and not be thoroughly overcome, natural disasters occurred in many places, etc. All above reasons have had negative impact on the Vietnamese tourism.

International tourist markets of tourism focus mainly on Western European market and ASEAN countries. These markets account for a high proportion of the international markets, especially French travelers, every year French visitors has the highest and quite stable proportion. However, unless we have innovation, the tourism will not retain this market and attract other markets in future. Besides the international markets, the domestic market is also an integral part in bringing a major source of revenue for the tourism industry.

In general, turnover of services also increased steadily over the years. The reason why the increasing revenue of the tourism in recent years is the tourism has had innovation in both quality and quantity. They built more infrastructure, material and technical basis, tourism destination to serve the increasingly diverse needs of visitors.

So, what factors affect tourists’ satisfaction on service quality?

  • Professional level of employees: employees’ foreign language, the timeliness of service of the employee, communication skill and attention from staff.
  • Recreational activities: transportation system, communication system, hotel and restaurant system.
  • Souvenir/ Local products, diversity of natural beauty.
  • Political security conditions, food safety, cost of the trip.
  • The friendliness of local people, appearance and uniform of staff.

Through 5 above factors, we can draw some following conclusions: these five groups of factor have implications for the level of the travelers’ satisfaction. The local factor is the most affected factor. It means the factor of souvenir and local products; the link between the tourism destinations; the diversity of cuisines and landscapes…

So, what is the solution for the infrastructure with low cost but still meets the need of visitors? With new and luxurious designs, prefabricated house is made from containers- Container house will help you!

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