How is a good kitchen feng shui?

28 May

The kitchen feng shui is good or not, or how to avoid taboos in locating the kitchen as well as interior arrangement. According to Chinese feng shui, the kitchen is one of the tree most important elements of interior, the first is the kitchen,the  second is the bedroom, and the third desk and safe…

A good kitchen feng shui will help you have a good health as well as attract the flow of wealth into your life. What would you do if your kitchen is too small? It’s also difficult to keep the kitchen tidy or it’s not enough space for all necessary furniture in the kitchen.

The kitchen belongs to Fire (according to the Five basic elements), because Fire conflicts with Water, do not put the kitchen near water tanks or between 2 lavatories.  The most common arrangement is following the triangle principle; it means the kitchen-lavatory-refrigerator.

phong thuy nha bep

Avoid putting the kitchen facing to the bathroom door because this area is considered to lead to impure gases. If the house structure cannot be changed, we can make a curtain instead. Do not locate the kitchen at the Central or Upper of the house. The Central is a passive place where the gas circuit must be stable and peaceful, so locating the kitchen here will bring disturbance or health problems for people in that house.

The main door should not look directly into the mouth of the kitchen, in term of function; this is unreasonable because it make the owner observe the outer place (usually the living room) and people entering difficultly. In Feng-shui, the kitchen is located confronting the door not only causes money shortage in the family but also damages the health of the owner.

Avoid placing the kitchen against the main door because thermal radiation of the kitchen towards the door will hinder air supply for the house.

Must have a separate area for cooking utensils such as knife, scissor, hammer… Avoid putting these tools on the counter or near the stove. Also avoid having sharp corners stab the stove because it will affect the unity as well as happiness of every member of the family a lot.

If the kitchen is too small, you should hang a wind chime in the ceiling of the kitchen, it will make the kitchen area look larger. You should hang a mirror opposite to the stove to enhance prosperity.

Also avoid placing stove looking directly into the bathroom door, animal cage, (a lot of impure gases), as well as tanks, washing machine (Water is incompatible with Fire); kitchen should be far away even garage (flammable, dusty and oil smelling). You should check back working line of the kitchen from washing process to preparation and cooking to ensure not have any problem. If you place the kitchen near the aisle, it will be easy in collisions, difficult in cooking and dangerous for children.


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3 responses to “How is a good kitchen feng shui?

  1. barbarastanley

    June 9, 2013 at 12:09 am

    For people who follow feng shui, I suppose it would be good to know these things before they build.

    • homecontainer

      June 10, 2013 at 1:35 am

      i think so, in viet nam ,most of people believe in feng shui, cause of its lucky


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