Home container – Prefabricated building

20 May

Beautiful home container designs with all sorts of container: 20 feet container, 40 feet container, container full of gadgets.

Happy container house in Hanoi

The sample containers are variety of sorts: 12m, 6m. Each container can hold about 20 people; the smallest one can hold 5-6 people. This particular container house is recycled from old shipping containers.

Townhouse is often seen on the construction sites in Me Tri commune, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

In winter, the container truck is a pretty ideal shelter. In contrast, in the summer, the special house has ability to absorb high temperature, so it’s like a sultry pressing iron box, to people aren’t acquainted with this house they will find it difficult.

At the construction site of the Tri commune (Tu Liem, Hanoi), Le Van Thuat – 30 years old, born in Yen Dinh (Thanh Hoa) said: “Replacing tents by the old containers will save cost and effort. Every time you move, you can only have container craned.”

In late spring severe sun, suddenly entering the cellular iron box you will clearly feel the sweltering heat like in summer noon. The workers at the construction site shared: at the first time we used the new house, it was so hot therefore we had to get water to soak the container truck for a while then we dared to sleep. Now, the “house” has large windows, small windows, the car’s floor was replaced, the inner is facing in the thick cellular sheets to insulate heat so it’s much more comfortable.

A small container house can hold about 5-6 people.

Inside the house is a quite spacious area to allocate the necessary living things.

To create the ventilation for the house, the windows were born.

The thick cellular sheets help to reduce heat within the “iron box” container.

The water tanks are located next to the mobile home.

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