EBS Block is a modular, prefabricated, fully functional portable house created from a 20ft shipping container.

The single storey property (EBS-Ss)  is 6 metres long X 8 metres wide X 3.5 metres high and provides a total liveable area of 50m2 which encompasses the front porch and a pull out bathroom at the back.

The interior is a fully partitioned, reversed air conditioned enclosure which includes a single bedroom, dining area, separate kitchen, spacious living room, workstation/study area and a fully equipped bathroom with laundry facilities. The laundry facilities include a sink, washer/dryer machine and an ironing board drawer.

container home

The EBS block is opened via remote control using the integrated mechanical and electrical systems. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the process of opening and folding up the single storey EBS-Ss. As the house is fully automated, the assembling becomes extremely simple and DIY, without any need for technical support. This reduces the cost of building a house of similar size by up to 80% compared to traditional methods.

EBS is designed to adapt to harsh terrains and weather conditions, providing a spacious and comfortable living area. A major advantage EBS block provides is the reduction of internal building temperature down to 80% in comparison with the outside temperature, thanks to new thermal insulating technologies used in our properties.

The building materials and interior décor can be altered according to customer requirements. The basic structure is mainly bearing steel, aluminium frames, and 10 mm thick glass. Double glazing on the windows is available if requested as an additional feature.

EBS is highly transportable as the entire unit is built inside a standard TEU 20 feet ISO HC shipping container. Due to the nature of EBS Block, it is easily transported globally by sea or land which can eliminate a lot of the hassles with moving to a new location. We classify the EBS Block as a truly portable house. We ensure all aspects of the house comply with international standards and regional regulations.

EBS block is incredibly adaptable for use in a large range of industries including mining, tourism, defence, public housing, health, education and the commercial sector. EBS can be modified to be used as a kiosk, cafe or restaurant. The possibilities are limitless.

EBS block modules can be standalone units, connected as commercial blocks or stackable up to 4 storeys high.

Click image for larger view

The Expandable Building System Block are divided into three models


Using more premium fit out and material, this model has double glazing walls, room partition, curtains and blinds, more lighting and powerpoints as well as being WiFi ready, home entertainment connections and Kitchen and Bathroom appliances including dishwasher, microwave and washing machine. This model is for those wishing to move their furniture in and start living in the house straight away.


Our standard model has all the essentials needed for the house.  Lighting  and powerpoint, Water, Kitchen without appliances and Bathroom with shower, basin, toilet and laundry tub. This model is for you if you wish to add your own touches to the house, installing your own appliances and room layout.


This is just a skeleton structure of the house.  The structure still has full weather insulation like the other two models.  The basic model is ideal for those who wish to customise the house to their liking.  Cafe, restaurant, offices, classroom will all use the basic model and modified to your request.  If you wish to install your own bathroom, kitchen and partition your own rooms this is also the model for you.


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As it comes to container house, most people feel hesitant to live in because of three reasons. the first, this type of house is still new, especially to those who are ‘stagnated” in the approach to the new lifestyle. The second, people lack of information on safety techniques as well as prices of the container houses. Thirdly, the hassles of the inconvenience in use.

Perhaps it’s time for people to learn to live and use their currencies to residence requirement smarter. So far, container houses have been mostly used in construction sites for the purpose of making temporary housing for workers, temporary administrative offices and warehouse.
In technical aspect, structure of containers is load-bearing frame, which is much similar to the textured concrete-framed houses. It’s even better and safer for the height, weight, bearing texture and the “foundations” surface have high safety coefficent. The work-up and renovate an original container (sealed walls, 1 door) into a residential architecture with enough power to use, aesthetics and comfort is the easiest thing.

Thanks to the isolation systems and noise-proof, the matters of heat, noise, and humidity in a “metal box” are easily solved. The point is that if you really need the advice of the architects and you really love to live in this house or not.
The area problem of a container house can also be easily solved by raising the ceiling, opening walls or connecting the containers. However, with a container of 40 feet, you could have a housing area of 30 m2.
With outstanding features, a strong steel container home with load-bearing structure has the ability to adapt to harsh weather and terrain, along rivers, lakes and hills. Containers are assembled in the factory and then transported to and settled the place you want, so building time is not the matter.

Not being rigid as brick houses, the basic structure of container houses is arranged “lego”. It’s overlapping of countless architecturally impressive break styles , such as home with balconies or home with the 2nd floor reaching out, hanging over in the space of 5m , L-shaped House, unparralel home …

Container house is a Green idea in building, which is quite friendly to the environment. Therefore, we need to change the mindset to be able to immerse ourselves in nature, enjoy life in our own styles.

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Thoải mái với hotel container, tại sao không tận hưởng

Điều đầu tiên khi tiếp cận với khái niệm nhà container, đa số người dùng đều e dè vì khái niệm này còn xa lạ với tâm lý vốn “trì trệ” trong tiếp cận với lối sống mới. Hơn nữa là sự e ngại vì thiếu thông tin về kỹ thuật an toàn cũng như giá cả, sự bất tiện trong công năng sử dụng.

Có lẽ đến lúc người dân nên học cách sống và sử dụng đồng tiền của mình cho nhu cầu cư trú theo hướng thông minh hơn. Xưa nay, nhà container được xuất hiện nhiều ở khu vực công trường xây dựng với mục đích làm nhà tạm cho công nhân, văn phòng điều hành tạm thời, nhà kho.
Về tính kỹ thuật, một chiếc container là dạng cấu trúc với kết cấu khung chịu lực gần như hoàn hảo nhất, không khác gì kiểu kết cấu nhà khung bê tông, thậm chí còn tốt và an toàn hơn do chiều cao, tải trọng, kết cấu giằng chịu lực và bề mặt “móng” đều có hệ số an toàn cao. Việc gia công và cải tạo một container nguyên bản (vách kín, 1cửa) thành một kiến trúc nhà ở với đủ công năng sử dụng với tính thẩm mỹ và tiện nghi là điều dễ dàng nhất.

Từ một cái “hộp sắt” trơ trọi nhưng nhờ hệ thống tấm cách nhiệt, cách âm, chống thấm, chống ồn, thì vấn đề chống nóng, ẩm, thô và làm đẹp thêm căn nhà là vấn đề rất đơn giản. Cơ bản là bạn có cần sự tư vấn của nhà kiến trúc sư hay bạn có thực sự thích sống trong những căn nhà đó hay không?.
Vấn đề diện tích của container, chúng ta có thể xử lý một cách dễ dàng bằng cách nâng trần, mở vách hay nối container. Tuy nhiên, với một chiếc container 40 feet là bạn đã có 30 m2 diện tích nhà ở.
Với ưu thế vượt trội, vật liệu xây dựng nhà container được xây dựng bằng thép chịu lực nên kết cấu của căn nhà có khả năng thích ứng trên mọi địa hình ven sông hồ hay đồi núi. Vấn đề thời gian xây dựng thì bạn có thể yên tâm, nhà container được lắp ráp tại xưởng và có thể mang đến đặt mọi nơi mà bạn muốn ở.

Không cứng nhắc như kiểu nhà xây bằng gạch, nhà container có kết cấu cơ bản là xếp “lego” chồng chéo với vô số kiến trúc phá cách ấn tượng như: kiểu nhà có cái ban công hay riêng tầng 2 vươn ra, treo lửng lơ giữa khoảng không tới 5 m đua, nhà hình chữ L, nhà sole…
Nhà container là một ý tưởng xanh trong xây dựng, khá thân thiện với môi trường. Do vậy, chúng ta cần phải thay đổi tư duy để có thể hòa mình vào thiên nhiên, tận hưởng cuộc sống theo phong cách riêng của bạn.

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Vòng quanh nước ÚC trên những căn nhà di động

Những người dân trên xứ sở chuột túi rất thích đi du lịch, thích cắm trại trên những chiếc caravan hay nhà di động. Trên những căn nhà di động bạn có thể khám phá những vùng sông biển, vùng sâu vùng xa, đi tới nơi đâu bạn muốn và dừng tại điểm nào họ thích.

Đi tới đâu, bạn cũng có thể cắm trại nghỉ qua đêm tại đó. Ngoài việc mua chiếc xe nhà vài chục đến vài trăm nghìn AUD, bạn có thể chọn thuê xe với giá chừng 100 – 200 AUD một ngày. Chỗ đỗ xe hay cắm trại chỉ tốn 30 – 50 AUD một đêm với những khu đất dành riêng cho các khách ưa lái xe tự khám phá này.

Đôi khi có nhà di động nhưng người Australia vẫn mang thêm lều hay thuê lều trại với giá từ vài chục đến vài trăm AUD một đêm để cắm trại trên bãi biển, bãi đất gần ven hồ hay những công viên rộng. Đi dọc ven bãi biển, ven hồ là các gia đình đỗ xe caravan và cắm trại, đủ cả nam phụ lão ấu, từ bà lão tóc bạc phơ tới lũ trẻ còn đang lẫm chậm đi. Lũ chó của các gia chủ cũng được đem theo trong chuyến đi.

Các caravan thường được thiết kế tùy theo sở thích và mục đích riêng của từng người, tuy nhiên nó thường có đầy đủ các phòng ban như: phòng ngủ, phòng ăn, phòng tắm, toilet và nhà bếp…cho gia đình bạn một chuyến du lịch hoàn hảo nhất.
Với caravan, cho bạn trải nghiệm tuyệt cùng với gia đình thân yêu và bạn bè.

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Eye- Catching Container House

This is a 20 feet shipping container capable of containing a volume of 30 tons of cargo. At the first glance, there is nothing special with it.

However, with people’s creation, it became a small but fully furnished house with luxurious furniture (EBS block TM)

A perfect example in this case is the house you will see below.
It was built from two modified containers with single storey living space.
The house with the modern green structure has friendly furniture and provides a comfortable space.

Two of the containers were used have a total area of 37 m2.
The simple and environmentally friendly design is very suitable for a young family as it meets all demands with a limited budget.

Entrance to the home goes through a sliding glass door between the two blue steel containers. Even more, there is a space of wooden patio in the front here. The interior is more open than expected. The function places are partitioned very reasonably.

Inside of the two boxes is a comfortable living space which is open to the nature.

A modified container house has minimal life expectancy of 50 years. It is easily disassembled and assembled when moving from one place to another. According to design engineers evaluation, container houses are safer than conventional ones for the solid steel structure that can withstand the shocks of earthquakes, and adapt to the harsh weather and terrain. Container houses also save construction time and cost .

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Building An Extremely Beautiful “Container Village”, why not?

Housing shortage in general or particularly the lack of “student village” is a reality that many countries are facing. However, with the unlimited creation of man, there appears many housing models in the world that not only meet the economical criteria but ensure comfortable living space. Among them, container housing solution seems to be the most effective.

A convenient but low – cost apartment stimulated the creation of Joerg Duske, an investor in Germany. He has turned 410 containers into affordable apartments , mainly used as accomodation for students who flock to Berlin.
Mr. Joerg Duske’s House Model is called Eba51, on an area of 11,000 m2, created on the inspiration from the world largest project “container city” with 1000 apartments in Keetwinen, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Joerg Duske opened up a design competition. The Award-winning design belonged to the architectural company Holzer Kobler, based in Zurich. The apartment was designed with living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, their design also includes 2 – 3 storey apartment for many people to live together; the common living area is an outdoor dining place, table tennis, laundry room and meeting place.

The first purpose of Joerg Duske is to build a small, beautiful container village with new architectural design. The project is under construction, its venue is Planterwald, in the outskirts of Berlin, right next to a bus stop, near the train station (about 10-minute walk), and universities around.
As planned, The openning of Eba51 was on September 2013, and is going to be finished on April , 2014

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New life in Container Homes

Manufactured homes from the bulky containers are being present in our life and becoming a building trend which are favored in the world by outstanding features such as short execution time, cost saving, safety, various designs, and being friendly to the environment.

Container houses have become popular around the world since 2000 ,as the Urban Space Management company completed the project “container city I”. However, up to 2006, the construction company TempoHousing finished the project “container student village”, the largest project in the world with 1000 apartments called the Keetwonen in Amstesdam (the Netherlands) which made a breakthrough in the field of Container homes construction.

We can build container homes in the Plains or hills, rural or urban . People only need 15-20 execution days and spend a little amount of money (about 1/3 of the cost to build a conventional brick mortar house) to own a fully equipped Container home with one ground floor, one floor and the minimal interior section consists of a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, refrigerator, dining room, bathroom, toilet, desk, wall mounted TV, water heater. And another outstanding advantage of container homes is that you can move the entire House to any where without losing much time or cost.

Around the world, the container homes are applied in developed countries such as Project All Terrain Cabin of Bark Design Collective company (Canada), the project of Cove Park artist’s Retreat (Scotland), or Port-a-project Bach (New Zealand) etc. This shows that the world construction industry has found a “green” solution to help protect the environment and tackle housing problem for low income people. Based on the idea of building home with containers, architectural designers have constantly created a variety of designs, and automatic features to serve human interests. EBS block is typical for a great creativity of Vietnamese mechanical engineers and architects .
Container home trend is in vogue now. With containers, you’re enable to create houses with your own style and purpose. Utilizing used contaner – cleaning and beautifying the environment, saving materials, and enriching the country are always encouraged in all countries.

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